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The company Brüll + Gruber is an innovative handicraft business with several business units: metal, glass and surfaces. The main areas of the company comprise of the complete coverage of the metal sector, the CAD-protected development and planning as well as finding detailed solutions to following trades:
  •     furnishing
  •     planning office for villas and hotels
  •     representative projects 
  •     functional craftsmanship
  •     detailed replicas

Apart from the production of the discribed works, the production of high-quality surfaces (grinding, brushing, satin-finishing and high-gloss polishing) is not a problem. With the use of the big surface grinding mashine (2 x 4 meters) we can grind metal sheets of large format.

Industrial paintwork is also a branch of our business. Here constructions of up to 290 cm lenght can be stove-enamelled.

DThe products are partly produced according to design drafts made by architects or according to the wished of private clients. After detailed and functional construction the objects are introduced and produced in the different production units. 

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Brüll und Gruber, Firmenprofil
Brüll und Gruber Metal Design
Brüll+Gruber  Metal Design
We manufacture in stainless steel, brass and bronze
Our website is currently under construction
but will be finished by the end of February 2011.
Until then you can contact our German website for more information.
We apologise for any inconvenience. >>>
Brüll + Gruber + Co. Ltd
Karl-Schmid-Straße 22
81829 Munich/Germany
Telephone: +49(0)89/427 30 240

company profile Brüll + Gruber: innovative metal construction and planning office for villas, hotels, representative hauses, detailed replicas, metal surfaces, grindin, brushing, satinising, big format metal sheets refinement, industrial paintwork, stove-enamelling up to 2.9 meter length, 

Keywords: Metal construction, metal design, master company, metal labels, bronze processing, bronze banister, banisters, chrome acrylic, stainless steel processing, grid, glass banister, gastronomy fittings, handrails, handrail, hotel furnishings, interior design metal, shop fitting, surface treatment, grinding metal surfaces, brass and bronze, brass handrail, museum showcases, stainless steel banister, custom-made design, stairs, staircase banister, showcases, canopies
Gerne sind wir für Sie da in folgenden Gebieten: Berlin · Hamburg · München · Stuttgart · Köln · Frankfurt · Düsseldorf · Dresden · Nürnberg · Mannheim
News & TippsNews und Tipps

Rust look for upscale grill

In December 2010, Bratar a new upscale grill restaurant opened in Munich. Artificially rusted metal surfaces at the bar, on the fume hood and on the chair legs give the restaurant its rustic charme. Our surface treatment achieved the exact desired rust look. More >>
Rost-Look im Edelgrill bratar München

Munich honours B+G

On November 8, 2010 Munich's mayor awarded Brüll + Gruber Metal Design the Erasmus Grasser Prize. They were honoured for the high traineeship quality of apprenticeship and their social commitment.Erasmus Grasser-Preis für B+GHarald Gruber received the prize in the name of the company. More >>

B+G shows film stars

The Boulevard of the stars in Berlin honours famous film and television stars since September 2010. Highlights are the 23 brass steles of B+G. They are equipped with cameras which seem to make the film stars apparent. More >> Peppers Ghost Kamera Berlin

Table grill to rent

This little table grill is a great possibility to delight your guests. Buying or renting, both is possible.
More >> Tischgrill 

B+G supports soccer juniors

Brüll and Gruber supports the junior team B of the FC Stern Munich 1919 e.V. We wish exciting games and great goals! More >> Junioren-Mannschaft 1 FC Stern News und Tipps

Party: 40 years B+G

October 2009. B+G celebrates its 40 years anniversary. Friends and local political VIPs came to celebrate with them in their production halls. More >> B+G Firmenjubiläum

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